Anovacommunications | achieving reality
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We Turn Your Brands to Value

Who we Are

ANOVA MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED is a BTL agency that specializes in Direct, Digital and Experiential Engagement. We exercise creative freedom in developing cutting edge ideas at the same time retaining a focused organization to our planning and executions..

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What We Do

At ANOVA MARKETING COMMUNICATIONS LIMITED we understands that brands must be flexible and that our ideas have to be relevant to the target audience. Because people are constantly changing, brands have to change to keep up or suffer extinction.

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Service Offerings

We ensure our clients have active brand engagement with their target audience positioning its brands to achieve business objectives. This is achieved through the following ways:

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Our Process

Research & Insight

Understand the Client's brand, market and intent as well as those of competitor.


Create solutions to meet the intended results expected of the clients and a discipline planning process for the execution phase of the strategy.


Achievement of intended results is paramount and we are committed to evaluated the execution and take all relevant lessons to be learnt.


We are focused on a disciplined execution taking into cognizance contingencies but ensure organization's objectives are met.

Anova Communications Limited …….achieving reality.

Why Work With Us

ANOVA is an innovative marketing communication agency which specializes in consumer engagement to ensure our clients achieve mind and market share, profitability, and overall business objectives.
ANOVA is an emerging consumer engagement company with the aim of providing innovative solutions in experiential marketing to meet the objectives of our clients.

We are enthusiastic about delivering superior results to our clients thus making our relationship a win-win situation for every client we engage with.
We form strategic Partnership with our clients to ensure that marketing efforts lead to brand behavioral change, create engaging brand conversations to foster brand loyalty which invariably delivers positive ROI on market share and profitability.

Our solutions are supported by RESEARCH, STRATEGICALLY sound and FINANCIALLY responsible.